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Residential Projects


Devon Residence

We landscaped this private acreage in Devon. There were significant erosion issues which were remedied with functional dry river beds. We added Redi-Rock steps, paver stone paths, a bridge patio, and firepit.

Pigeon Lake Phase 2

This year we completed our Pigeon Lake project. Last season we built the Redi-Rock retaining walls on the waterfront. This season we completed the paving stone patio, installed the firepit, regraded, and completed with sod.

Quarry Ridge 8

We completed 8 large landscape projects in quarry ridge, on the north end of Edmonton. These half acre lots gave us the opportunity to construct a variety of large landscape features. In this particular home, we installed a water feature at the front entrance, which includes goldfish that stay in the pond all year long.

South Edmonton Walls

For this project, our clients wanted to make use of a large steep berm behind their home. We designed and built a three tier, patterned, reinforced series of curved walls, with a built-in stair case up the middle. This allowed use of the entire property, with sitting, gardening, and entertaining areas.

Quarry Ridge 1

This was our first project in quarry ridge. We built several paverstone patios, retaining walls, slate paths, and a pondless waterfall. We started this project from passing rough grade, through to completion. Check out our gallery for more photos on this and other residential projects.

Quarry Ridge 2

When we were approached to do this project, our clients gave us a theme and the freedom to run with it. They wanted a mountain feel to the landscape, so we were able to give them a dry riverbed, large amounts of limestone boulders, and this unique oversized firepit. This has proven to be a great area for entertaining guests.

Pigeon Lake Waterfront

We were excited for this opportunity to build a redi-rock retaining wall for this residence. These massive blocks weigh 2500 lbs each, and will do a great job keeping the lake from eroding the property. This project was able to add several usable feet of valuable property for our clients, and provide a safe way to the lake for their grandchildren.

Custom Driveway

We designed and built this driveway for our client in Abbotsford. The border was custom ordered to match the one-of-a-kind stonework on the 14,000 sq.ft. home. We used small red tumbled pavers to compliment the brick accents on the house. There are some intricate patterns cut into these pavers that can be viewed in our gallery.

Quarry Ridge Pergola

This was a fun project for us. This unique pergola is made of full dimension rough lumber. The posts are set in gravel, 4 ft. below grade. The beams are full dimension 3" x 12" rough planks, and all the 6" galvanized bolts are counter sunk. There is a matching pergola deeper in the yard that acts as a swing set. These structures create a wonderful semi-covered sitting area and the feeling of a great outdoor room.

St. Albert Show Home

We were asked to build these retaining walls for the walk-out basement in this show home. We used the cotswald product from Westcon Precast. These are solid blocks engineered to connect with clips. This was a complex design which turned out beautifully. This product has multiple sized blocks that give it a unique finish.

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