Redi-Rock is not just another option for retaining wall construction, it literally stands alone in many applications. The massive size and weight of this product give it a considerable edge over other products. The largest block comes in at over 3400 lbs.

Consider the following benefits:

Minimal Excavation

This benefit is very evident at our Sedgewick project. We were required to excavate close to residences to allow for a road widening project. The engineers chose Redi-Rock because its massive blocks did not require geogrid in this application. You can see we were able to save on excavation, gravel backfill, and be far less invasive into the neighbouring properties.

Taller Gravity Walls

This is the largest gravity wall in Alberta. We built it along the Whitemud in Edmonton. Redi-Rock walls have been built without geogrid taller than 20 ft. Individual geotechnical site conditions dictate how each wall is to be built. An experienced, qualified engineer is essential to the success of any substantial retaining wall.

Force Protection

When we built our walls in Emerald Hills, Sherwood Park, there was a freestanding portion of wall along both sides of the roadway. The engineers required additional safety features in case of a traffic accident. Redi-Rock had a system in place that runs a heavy cable through the wall, locking rows of blocks together and creating a much stronger, safer stretch of wall.


Because of its tapered shape, Redi-Rock is able to create curves with ease. This opens up a wide range of design opportunities to build very aesthetically pleasing walls.

Colours and Finishes

There are currently three finished faces available for Redi-Rock. Cobblestone and limestone are manufactured in a natural finish, and can be custom stained and sealed onsite if required. The ledgestone finish is manufactured with colour.

Design Possibilities

Our Emerald Hills project showcases a number of design possibilities with Redi-Rock. Water installation, tall gravity wall, false culvert openings, custom arches, curved wall, freestanding portion, force protection, custom poured pillars, charcoal coloured caps, and custom built railings all in one.

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Here is a selection of our completed projects:

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